Like a little paradise, the vineyard on the Uttenberg in Knonau lights up the hillside - as if the vines themselves were enjoying the view of the Rigi and their snow-covered neighbours. At the heart of the steep terrain thrive the Pinot Noir grapes, which are among the oldest inhabitants of the vineyard. Next to them grow two white wine varieties, Pinot Gris and Müller-Thurgau, which occupy almost a third of the area with their golden fruits. In the remaining part of the one-hectare land, there are three red wine varieties, which are combined to form a balanced assemblage: Cabernet Dorsat, Saint-Laurent and Dornfelder. 
The vineyard is cultivated exclusively in an organic way. In addition, we use some phytotherapeutic applications such as stinging nettles or yarrow, which grow directly next to the vines in the plot. We process these plants into natural helpers to protect against pests and to support the vines' natural defences. Thanks to them, sprays such as copper and sulphur can be kept to the bare minimum. 
In the spirit of sustainability, so that we can continue to harvest the grapes from the vines for many years to come, we require a small amount of fruit per plant. In return, we obtain a great wealth of aromas, condensed in small compact bubbles. 
The cellar of Domaine Guichard is located in Dottikon AG, in an old estate directly next to a small stream. The vaulted cellar was built in 1795 and used to store cider. Because many dreams need time to grow to full size, the grapes from the first harvest in 2022 were processed externally by a respected Zurich wine producer and oenologist. The wine was then taken to our own cellar to mature, where it now rests until it can be bottled. We move the wine exclusively by gravity and use as little sulphur as possible. The aim is to intervene in a minimalist and precise way to give the wine the necessary peace to develop itself.