Today has been a bit warmer then yesterday but we managed to collect all three different types of grapes just in time. The grapes arrived save and cold to the cellar and everybody worked hard for it! It's magical to hear laughter and good conversation during the whole event - what a day!
Finally we can share the work of many months with our friends. We collect the whole Müller-Thurgau / Riesling-Silvaner and can't believe what we managed to do! We are so thankful for everybody to come!

The big day has finally arrived! Together with the family we start the season early on Friday morning. The Pinot Gris grapes look fresh and in good condition and the excitement is in the air. What a way to start the season!
The plants are growing and they're shooting into all directions. Some direction is needed. So we're arranging the branches and take out what's not needed. Where the branches grow over the top arches direct the growth back into the system.
Due to the weather conditions the wines are growing fast and need some a lot of attention. Luckily enough hands were more then able to handle the challenge! Thank you so much to all of you!
Cleaning stems and choosing the future holders of grapes. Responsibility is shared with all the helpers and requires a lot of concentration. We are amazed by the care of everybody and can't wait to see the result in September!
After a morning coffee twenty people go to work attaching stems and bending branches. Peaceful workers enjoy the view with conversation and sunshine.
Beautiful weather and beautiful people! All the wines are getting new supports, so the whole infrastructure is being renewed. Lots of muscle strength was required accompanied with frustrated laughter. Big Thanks to all the helpers! 
It's been a rainy day and most of the wines have been cut. Specially the ground needed some love from our side so the team focused on removing weeds and opening up the ground. Thanks to our biological treatments of the ground the rain does not wash away all the nutrients. Still got work to do!

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